The New Smart Building: Artificial Intelligence to Automate Access Control, Parking and More

AI powered solutions now can help to redefine business operations providing real-time data updates that continually learn and refine that data. The products literally get better and more refined as time progresses, something any procurement manager must love!

The Gartner Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2021 notes, anything that can be automated in an organisation should be automated. Businesses will aim to automate as many business and IT processes as possible, relying on Artificial Intelligence.

AIoT (Artificial Intelligent of Things) is at the heart of it all and one market that is exploding is smart buildings, projected to grow from USD $66.3 billion in 2020 to USD $108.9 billion by 2025.

Whether it be energy efficiency systems or building access, integration to building management platforms for an end-to-end solution is now available to also include connecting and managing all cameras to real-time edge on-prem video AI analytics.

Building operations managers now can gain deeper understanding and control of building access by each door, can manage property intrusion alerts, understand anomaly object detection, see building parking violation, even employee & customer happiness index through face recognition.

It’s time to start the conversation. What can AIoT and a new approach to smart buildings do to improve your organization’s operations?