Aupera Technologies is a Video AI Computing and Edge Intelligence Innovation Company.

Aupera is providing new generation Video AI software framework, VMSS 2.0, to enable users to rapidly build, configure and deploy computer vision pipelines using graphical user interfaces, with zero coding. VMSS 2.0 also combines AI Inference, Data Collection, and Model re-Training, to help customers with data privacy, data sovereignty, and life-long model improvement.

Based upon VMSS, Aupera provides best-in-class video analytics applications, including smart parking, smart building, smart retail and working safety.

We are collaborating with hardware partners, FPGA and/or CPU based, to provide ultra-low latency innovative video processing and real-time AI analytics solutions for various AIoT scenarios.

With VMSS 2.0,

  1. Individuals with no programming skills, can run machine learning models on vidoe/image and analyze their performance, demo example pipelines, and get started with building their own video AI application immediately.
  2. AI scientists, can focus on exploring different machine learning models, interactions between models (machine learning pipeline design), selection, collection and preparation of data without worrying about implementation details such as video streaming, video transcoding, data pre/post processing, database interfacing, metadata visualization or outside communication.
  3. Engineers across different vertical industries, can focus on business logic without worrying about the complexity of large-scale deployments, third-party integration, video processing and AI inference.
  4. End customers, can benefit not only from real time high accuracy AI acceleration, but also from continuous data collection and life-long model improvement through daily operations.

A team of AI scientists, data engineers, software developers, silicon designers, and hardware experts have researched, designed, and built the leading intelligent video processing products from the edge to the cloud. We are in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, serving a rapidly growing customer base globally with best-in-class AI and Machine Learning technologies.

Supporting our clients and partners globally, from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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