The Edge: How AI Learning and Monitoring Video Data Has Matured

Data has become the common denominator. Today, data has transformed video monitoring in ways we never even imagined a decade ago.

As this data is captured, processed, and used from the nearest and farthest edges of the network, businesses like buildings, Governments, retail and more are harnessing the power of the network edge.  

Take a large commercial organization with a manufacturing environment, there might be 200 CCTV cameras located along the line. Lots of data points are being gathered from each camera, for example, safety vests being worn, hard hats, location of people, and more all capturing and sending a multitude of data points per second.

Using AI to train at the edge is a critical part, especially at scale. Processing all incoming data and storing the information gathered can quickly get expensive. However, with specifically designed solutions that capture this data, significant savings can be realized. With tools that allow for 90%+ bandwidth cost savings, VOD to cloud efficiency, on prem edge AI processing and ultra low latency, we can monitor controls, learn via AI and better manage all connected devices within the facility. Simply beautiful advancements.

It’s time to start the conversation. What can the edge and AI video learning do to improve your organization’s operations?