Based on VMSS Video AI software framework, Aupera is providing best-in-class AI solutions or platforms for Smart Parking, Smart Building, Smart Retail and Working Safety.

With our advanced AI algorithm, the License Plate Recognition accuracy achieves 99%, with regular IP cameras, during the day and night.

Smart Retail

With Aupera, taking your retail operation to the next level with existing camera technology can help you to accelerate in-store or data center real-time smart retail AI applications. Detail including loose item recognition, fraud detection, customer demographics, inventory & shelf management, and more to create efficiencies & improved customer experiences.

Smart Parking

Aupera’s advanced AI algorithm enables high accuracy (99%) License Plate Recognition with regular IP cameras, during the day and night. Applications include Re-ID, parking vacancy and parkade or street parking violations and road marking detection. It’s time to improve operational efficiencies for parking operators and city traffic operations.

Work Safety

Aupera understands the importance of workplace safety and the associated costs and liabilities. Our technology offers staff on duty detection, personal safety gear monitoring and more efficient HSSE Management to understand and delivers the processes for construction, oil & gas, manufacturing, warehouses and more.

Smart Building

Integrate Aupera’s Video management, processing and Edge AI computing as part of a Smart Building solution, helping you to control personnel building access, manage property intrusion alerts, anomaly object detection, building parking & violations, even employee & customer happiness index, and more.

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